What Do People Say About Black Coffee?

Here at Black Coffee we get the pleasure of being on the receiving end of the sweet things people have to say about the cafe, the stories of special moments they have shared here, and their thoughts about the cafe.  These kind words help remind us why we work so hard to sustain this project.  Instead of keeping these tidbits to ourselves we thought we would take a moment to share the with you! If you’ve had a positive experience at Black Coffee, support us today to keep the project growing.

” I lucked out when I picked Black Coffee Coop as a meeting place for Modern Sex Culture, wanting to give it a try. What luck on my first meeting! Since January of this year, I haven’t gone anywhere else… As I’ve mentioned earlier, Modern Sex Culture and Slutwalk will donate a portion of our proceeds to Black Coffee Coop for hosting our event. Thank you so much, for everything.”

“I had the gift of visiting Black Coffee on my trip to Seattle two weeks ago… Just one step in the door I felt an overwhelming sense of love and excitement for this beautiful project. The space beams with true character and the creators offer a strong loving presence. I didn’t have any coffee (gasp!) but I did have a chai made with the ever so delicious Traveler’s chai. I would love to support this place however I am able and look forward to many more blissful moments here.”

“This place is great. Everything that a “Seattle coffee shop” should be is Black Coffee. All of their stuff is local, and there is an awesome diversity here. These folks aren’t for profit, and actually care about people.  A great place to familiarize yourself with your neighbors, enjoy some new tunes over a cup of, yes you heard it FAIR TRADE tea. Best loose leaf in the area. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.”

“This place is a hang out for people who appear to be homeless or transients. As a yuppie, I felt pretty uncomfortable here at first, but the more I hung out the more comfortable I felt. They really cultivate acceptance and tolerance there…This place is special, it really is. Most coffee places are just a crowd of isolated humans staring at their computer screens. This place is full of joyful humans talking, gaming, reading, plotting, etc.”

“I have to respect a business that makes the effort to work with its neighbors. Black Coffee is a business that any community would want in their neighborhood.”

And thats just the tip of the iceberg, read more at http://blackcoffeecoop.net/reviews/

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We value all the ways our community contributes to the cafe, not just financial.  So don’t worry if you can’t contribute in that way right now, we’ve got other ideas for you.

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