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Worker-Owner Call Out

The Black Coffee Co-op is looking to expand! If you love making coffee, want to smash the state, and like to play well with others, this may be the position for you. Here’s some of what we’re looking for: radical anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian politics (you don’t need to quote old radicals, but you should know […]

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First Week of Black Coffee!

We’re open for coffee, and we’ve still got lots of work to do.. The space is still under construction – we’ve still got a whole laundry list of work to do. Nonetheless, we wanted to start preparing the public for how delicious our coffee is, so we’ve set up a temporary coffee bar to start serving […]

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Coffee Over Candidates

Election on the Mind? Tired of the Two Parties? Dreaming of Democracy? The elections are supposed to represent a chance to engage with democracy, a chance to cast your vote towards what’s best for you and for your community. Cheers to you for wanting to be engaged! Just as quickly as we get excited about […]

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No Luck on Olive Way Location

After a couple months of concerted efforts to scoring a lease at the 1718 Olive Way space, we were turned down. The owner was worried about whether or not the old-old plumbing would be able to stand up to a coffee shop. The space has always been used as offices in the past, so we […]

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Next Meeting

Black Coffee Coop’s next meeting is Monday, 3/26 from 6-8pm at the Highline Bar (210 Broadway Ave E. Seattle, WA 98102)

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