What the World Says about the Black Coffee Co-op:

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Reviews in the Media

Black Coffee Co-op ranks #3 in list of top 50 Seattle Cafes in 2013 >>

“The baristas and worker-owners are an eclectic and talented bunch who are seeking to redefine what a café should be or how one can be managed – that is, without any bosses.”

“Certainly, the space that is the Black Coffee Co-op is quite beautiful, airy, and being painted with a natural palate of brown hues that work to accentuate the natural light that is sure to flush in.”

“Call it a social-entrepreneurial experiment of sorts, but whatever it is, I think it adds to the tremendous diversity and speaks to the innovative spirit Seattle has embedded in it. I most definitely like these guys and know that their passion and community inclusiveness will translate to the success they’re after. I intend to support them and will post follow up posts here. I recommend you check them out if you can.”

“In less than a year in business on Capitol Hill, Black Coffee has become just that kind of haven for many locals. The resultant shop is a place that can be brimming on a Saturday evening with patrons, discussion, live music or meetings.”

-Sip Northwest

“Get coffee, vegan food, and possibly enlightenment – Support the comrades!”

-The Stranger’s “Now Open”

“I think it is totally kismet that I finally got to check out Black Coffee on Black Friday since it is the antithesis of corporate consumerism. Black Coffee is a worker’s cooperative run coffee house totally designed around community.”

“This all may sound very hippy + punk haven, but it was way better than those stereotypes do justice. It is basically a coffee shop for people who care about the world and each other. And refreshingly unhip”

-Vegan Score

“While in shop I sampled an espresso and a cappuccino. They make a mean, if idiosyncratic coffee. My espresso was made by a young woman named Caitlin. She wore all black and friendly smile. It was a 27 second pull of about a 1.5 ounce Costa Rica, Antigua roasted by a small, local direct trade coffee company called Kuma. It had a pale crema and a really bright finish and a surprising amount of staying power. Honestly, I’m shocked that such a lovely espresso could come out of the chincey machine. What a pleasant surprise.

The cappuccino was made by the man who came up with the idea for the shop; a nice slender red-head named Scott. He joined me in sitting on some of the shop’s donated furniture without my even asking. This gave us the chance to geek out over coffee, verbally comparing coffees and how to prepare them. His shot (also the Costa Rica) was pulled at about 31 seconds turning out at about 1.25 ounces. The texture of my cappuccino was pretty typical of a well-made Seattle cap (cappuccino); velvety and wet with a clever tiered heart for its latte art.”

-NewCity Collegian

Personal & Yelp Reviews

“Love the wide open full of light atmosphere, chill music, and most of all attentive friendly baristas who seem to care about the customer’s experience. It looks like a very nice community is building here even in a short time. There’s a chess game in the corner, backgammon by the window, friends chatting on the couch, several persons on laptops, and everyone seems to be comfortable and happy. Long live Black Coffee Coop!”

 “This is the place to go if you want a hot beverage to warm your mind in these cold cold times…”

“Kuma coffee, fast internet, & big windows… not to mention free, thought-provoking things to read. A five star coffee shop!”
“Fight the powers that be with a cuppa joe at your local leftist coffee place, worker owned and operated (now accepting volunteers, who make tips – righteous). Like most Capitol Hill-ians, I was very disgruntled when Travelers closed – not only was I cheated out of delicious chai, but I feared some gentrified yuppy nonsense would be taking its place. What a relief to get Black Coffee instead! AND they serve Travelers chai. The space is pleasant and they host cool events, like radically-oriented open mic nights. They also have a cool zine section where you can catch up on progressive politics. Right on!”
“Solid coffee in an anarchist leaning, liberal setting (leaflets and pamphlets available for reading, if youre ever interested). This is the kind of place that classmates of mine at SU woul have loved hanging out in, and is the kind of stereotypical liberal cafe I’d likely see in a TV sitcom A La Porlandia- currently, there’s convo’s [in the cafe] about covert patriarchy and CIA operatives following what mineral companies put coatings on what kind of spoons and cutlery they produce; HOWEVER, the coffee is good, the vibe is chill, and the huge picture windows for great people watching.”

“I walked past the storefront of Black Coffee the other day and it sounded like a party going on inside, which is a perfect reason to sneak into (or get forcibly removed from) a new place. ;-)  Thankfully these were welcoming folks and a sort of work-party was being thrown: a few owners busy working on the build-out of the space, and a group of musicians and listeners playing songs with intensity.  The owner I spoke with was very excited about getting set up on Capitol Hill and after chatting with him and seeing the space, I’m excited too.”

“I saw this place reviewed in Vegan Score and decided to drop by. They got major points because they offer sandwiches and things like that from Wayward Cafe, which are all vegan! Yay. Was able to score the last Nutloaf Sandwich when I came in as well as a dairy free chai latte. This place has a very cool energy to it – more so than any coffee shop I’ve been to in Seattle, it really seems to be a hub for people getting together and doing creative things.

The coffee shop is based around some awesome ideals, focusing on anti-consumerism and a non-hierarchical work structure. They also offer a delightful assortment of interesting zines as well as several shelves of books. Right away I saw awesome stuff like “Tipping the Velvet” – rock on!”