Black Coffee would love to host your meeting or event! Include details on the event including, host, duration, and desired space / resources. Please check the event calendar before making your reservation to avoid any scheduling conflicts. All groups of 10 or more with reservations receive 15% off all their drinks & food!

We have three types of bookings:

1 ) Cafe Space - Reserve the entire space. The space will remain open to the public during your event. You must provide help with set up & clean up. Please check the event calendar before requesting an event for the cafe space, and please provide a thorough description of your event.

2 ) Community / Meeting Table - Seats up to 10. Reservations may be up to 2 hours, and the table will be cleared & cleaned for you in advance. We have some resources to support your meeting, such as a projector and screen.

3) Upstairs Loft - Seats up to 15. Reservations may be up to 2 hours, and the space will be cleared & cleaned for you in advance.

You event reservation is not confirmed until you receive a response from the Black Coffee crew, so please make reservations at least 48 hours in advance. Reservations for the cafe space may take longer to consider.

Other Notes:

  • Black Coffee does not request a fee for bookings. If you are collecting money during your event, we ask that you consider donating a portion of the funds to Black Coffee.
  • The cafe will remain open during all events, so any cover must be only a suggested donation.
  • Black Coffee cannot host any outside alcohol. We do offer beer & hard cider for sale.
  • A note about straight-up shows – we generally turn down requests to host shows that don’t come to us with a purpose.  While we love live music, we aren’t set up to be a regular venue, and we like to keep the space flexible.  Play a benefit,  agitate for an event, celebrate a victory, bring something new or unusual to the space, and we’ll be psyched to host.

Reservation Form

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    What space would you like to reserve? For details on each option, see the top of this page.
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  • Please tell us the name of the person and/or organization hosting this event
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  • So we may contact you about your reservation.
  • If you have a website for your event or organization, please post it here so we can help you promote.