May Day, Yay

Happy May Day to everyone who came out!  We want to shout out to everyone who celebrated the holiday – whether you went to a march, or a rally, or observed it in your own way in the forest or by the water… and hopefully with a may-pole.

Black Coffee was able to host a celebration of May Day following the anti-capitalist march, as it’s a holiday with a long history that we feel very connected to. People came in right before the event to wash out their eyes from the pepper spray and decompress from the chaos created by the police, and we were glad to be able to take care of people in need.

In the weeks since May Day, friends of ours have been organizing to support those arrested during the anti-capitalist march, and also to help out the staff of Bill’s Off Broadway, a bar just up the street from us. We are grateful for their work!  All in all, it was a day of immense joy and solidarity for us.  Well done, Seattle!

P.S. Check out Punk Prom at Black Coffee tomorrow evening (

See you next year!

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