Helping Out

There are many ways one can help out the Black Coffee Co-op, and we are so grateful for the outpouring of support we receive from the community. Below are a few of the ways to help us out, and how to get started:

  1. Fliering & postering around Capitol Hill & Seattle at large. This is helpful for both events, and for general Black Coffee media/advertising. Email to offer help.
  2. Hosting an event or meeting for your class, organization, or affinity group. Check out the reservations page to book your event or meeting.
  3. Help with Set-Up & Clean-Up at events. Email to offer help.
  4. Provide media & outreach support – spread the word about this new co-op! Email to offer help.
  5. Offer art or design to Black Coffee’s aesthetic – independently produced posters, logos, art are always welcome. Share your idea with us! Email
  6. We will also be curating our space with work by local artists, which will also be featured in the Capitol Hill Art Walk. Want to display your work at Black Coffee? Email
  7. Donate quality books to improve our infoshop. We cannot guarantee that we will accept all book donations, but there’s a good chance we will.
  8. Got your own idea? Email to offer help.

While we are excited about the enthusiasm to help Black Coffee, we should caution that there are some ways that are less than helpful. We ask that if you are looking to donate stuff to Black Coffee, contact us first – we don’t always need more stuff. Also, if you are looking to volunteer your time, please inquire about when the best time to do this is, because sometimes there are “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Thanks for your generosity and understanding!